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Citrus Relocation schools search is now providing upgraded education services. This is for clients who are concerned about finding places at good schools for their children. One of the most emotive topics that we find when people are moving to the UK, is the issue of finding school places.  

To obtain a school place you must understand how schools are set up in the UK. This is about the state and private sector or independent schools sectors. There is also a level of understanding required in finding the right school places for your child’s ability. Understanding how it fits in with finding a property in the right location for your family.

When moving to the UK it is useful to first determine two things? If you require a place at a free state school run by the local authority or a private independent school. State schools are normally free and funded through the local authority. Independent schools are normally funded by fees you pay for your child’s education.

Schools search for state or independent private schools

The state sector (although free) form the clear majority of schooling in the UK. There are subsets to these schools such as religious faith schools. They are normally free and available to all children of school age. 

There can be issues where schools are oversubscribed and just because you live close to the local state school does not mean that your child will be guaranteed a place there.


UK Schools Search

Sometimes the best schools are not even accessible to parents who may have lived in the area all their lives.

If your child is not offered a place you can make a formal appeal to overturn the decision. Using our Citrus Schools search we can assist you in many areas.

The private or independent schools provide around 7% of schooling in the UK, with many schools being in the London and the South-East. The cost for many people is prohibitive. The private schools can provide in many cases a guaranteed place and smaller class sizes. They will have a certain standard of attainment, although this is not always the case.   

The range of these schools are vast in size such as the ‘public schools’ Eton or Stowe compared to smaller establishments. Be aware that these schools can also have waiting lists and also be oversubscribed. Many will have some form of entrance examination.

These private schools may not always be near where you wish to live. You may have to compromise timings how you get to work and school.

Making the right decisions for your children’s schooling!

To help you make sense of this our upgraded education department have for many years assisted assignees finding the right schools and working with our property home search team we can help you find the right school and the right property and put together a short list based on your requirements. 

Citrus Relocation are members of the Association of Relocation Professionals and we abide by their rules and regulations. We make sure our delivery is consistent and providing the best possible schools search support for our clients.

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