Cross Cultural & Language Training

Cross Cultural & Language Training

As a relocation company our goal is always to provide a hassle free relocation for our clients whether you are a company relocating an employee/s, an employee or a private individual. By providing tailored language and cultural solutions both before and after the move, the settling in period should then be as short as possible leading to a smoother transition and less adjustment concerns in the new location.

Whether you are an employer wanting to ensure that relocating employees have the best start in their new location or an employee concerned about the cultural & language issues facing you in your new location consider using our services designed specifically to your needs.

Intercultural learning is an area of research, study and application of knowledge about different cultures, their differences and similarities.

Research has shown that providing cultural training to employees and those who are tasked with working in an international environment can significantly reduce the risks inherent in this type of interaction and ensure a successful outcome of relocation for the employee and their family.

Cultural training will ensure employees have the practical tools required to start working in a different country and to ensure a smooth transition with a successful outcome for everyone concerned be it an employer, an employee, a spouse and accompanying family. Cultural training can be provided before leaving the home country & after arrival in the host country.

Cultural training can include:

  • An introduction to the host country, its traditions, culture and history
  • The norms and values of the host society
  • The role and the characteristics of communication in the host country
  • Managing the family transition to a foreign environment
  • Making social contacts
  • Leisure activities and customs
  • Eating and drinking
  • How to manage relationships at work and the cultural style of management
  • Working through cross-cultural conflict or negotiation issues with colleagues and associates abroad
  • Doing business in the host country
  • Education
  • Studies and professional training
  • Laws and taboos
  • Providing an action plan for the first two months in the host country



For a relocation to be successful the ability to communicate effectively in the host country language is imperative. Courses are available for relocation assignees and their families as well as private individuals.

We can provide innovative & effective languages courses for individuals, groups & family members. Courses can be tailored to individual requirements.

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