Business and Corporate Relocation

For the Employer

Our services:

  • Preparation of a budget and costings for employee UK relocations
  • Provision of information on the target area
  • Assistance with writing or redrafting a relocation policy
  • Assistance with staff consultations and presentations informing them of the relocation
  • Provision of information on Inland Revenue tax allowances
  • Total project management of employee moves

We understand that a company’s most valuable resource is its employees. Each employee impacts upon the success of the company. An employee’s decision to move with a company is a major event which may have a massive impact on both the individual and their family.

At Citrus Relocation we appreciate your need to be sure that the corporate relocation company you choose will deliver a service which, as well as being value for money, will also provide total peace of mind for both the company and employee(s). We will support your employees every step of the way and handle all aspects of their relocation. We also understand that you will require clear costs at the outset, and our assurance that the services agreed are met fully and to your complete satisfaction.

We will provide you with regular progress reports, keeping you fully in the picture that everything is being done to ensure a smooth transition and assimilation for your valuable key employee(s) and their family. We aim to take the stress and pressure out of a companies corporate relocation, allowing your employee(s) the time totally to focus on their role.

For the employee

employeeWe appreciate that, once you have made the decision to relocate with your company, there may be many concerns and questions relating to your move.

Citrus Relocation Services are here to help you at every stage of the process; we can take care of all aspects of your UK or London relocation, from showing you around your new location and finding you a suitable new home, to locating the best schools for your children. We will also help you with our complete settling-in service, set up your new telephone line and broadband and even help you register with a local doctor.

Our flexible approach and hands-on, personal service ensures that your UK move is as stress-free as possible. We ensure that your needs and those of your family are taken care of, allowing you to focus your efforts on the responsibilities of your new position.

If you want more information we can assist you call +44 (0)20 3303 3208, or use our callback form on this page