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As Managing Director of Citrus Relocation Services, my goal is to ensure that you receive the best possible advice. We combine this with exceptional service and please feel free to read our testimonials from people we have relocated.

The team at Citrus understands that every business, employee and private client we assist during a relocation is an individual with a different sets of circumstances and needs. Ensuring your experience of relocating with us is as positive and stress-free as possible is our goal.

Citrus furthermore values our clients experiences, we are very pleased that they can provide feedback to show  how the service has benefited them. We also provide testimonials in these pages going back many years as a result you can see the value of dealing with our company not from us but from the actual users of the service.

Our testimonials show our passion

Our clients come from all industry sectors and also from different levels within their organisations. We work with engineers and technicians, middle management providing vital skills to CEO’s and Presidents relocating to the UK. Every single person relocating will have different requirements and locations within the UK or London. Our aim at Citrus is help them to achieve their objectives for their relocation move within the UK or London.

We hope that you will use our service and also one day you will also be providing a testimonial for others to read. Our testimonials are a real testament to those goals and ambitions. If you want further information call us now on +44 0203 303 3208 or use our contact form


Sue Myrie

Managing  Director Citrus Relocation Services Limited

Technical Representative for Finnair staying in the UK requiring a fast relocation service
18 January 2017

Fast home search and management service for airline executive

We have been happy with the service provided. Quick replies to us and the assignee together with taking the initiative in keeping us updated has worked well

Global Mobility Department

One of the UK’s Big Four Accountancy Firms

Citrus_TestimonialCitrus Overview for this clients move

We were asked to find a place a for an airline executive client of one of the UK’s big four accountancy firms over the Christmas and New Year period 2016. We were able to find a place and deliver satisfaction to all parties, making sure everyone welcomed in the New Year .

Medical Executive moves twice a Major UK Retail Pharmaceutical Retailer
22 December 2016

Citrus has moved me twice

Sue and Brian offer a good service. They are competent and professional. On two occasions they have found me good properties and my life so much easier.

They are both quick to respond to emails and make you feel secure. I would definitely recommend them.


Medical Executive for Major UK Pharmaceutical Retailer

Citrus_TestimonialCitrus Overview for this clients move

Karen was first assisted in her move to London where she worked for a major UK retailer. This moved went well and she found a great property.

Karen then changed her job and moved further north and called us to assist her with her new move.

This move went really well & very smoothly indeed and we are looking to help Karen move again when she decides to purchase a property.

For a fast & professional relocation service contact Citrus Relocation today. We can give you the same level of professional service. Call +44 0203 303 3208  or complete our Contact Form

HR for Global Computer Connectivity Devices employee relocation
12 December 2016
I would highly recommend Citrus Relocation Services.  We found ourselves in an urgent situation when our new employee from South Korea arrived and was having difficulty organizing her apartment and bank account around a tight travel schedule.
The team at Citrus Relocation stepped right in, ensuring that our employee got the support she needed in record time, going above and beyond to make sure she was able to move in quickly into her new home.  Their professionalism and persistence was just what we needed.
Thank you all again for your amazing work; I know this was a challenge!
Merry Christmas


Associate Business Partner for a manufacturer of consumer electronics

Citrus Overview for this employee move

The assignee was a young executive from the Far East and this was her first time relocating to the UK. Communication was an issue as she had lost her phone. With all the challenges faced we were able to move her into her chosen property within 8 days of placing her offer and also get a UK bank account opened.

For a fast & professional relocation service contact Citrus Relocation today. We can give you the same level of professional service. Call +44 0203 303 3208  or complete our Contact Form now!

Fast London Move Relocating from Spain
02 November 2016

Our clients London move from Spain

Since we knew we will move to London, until we arrive here it just has been 3 weeks! It was important for us moving all the family together so we need a house as soon as possible. When we contact Citrus at the middle of September, they completely understand and in less than 10 days we had visited different houses, chose our current home, and signed for it.

Citrus team took care of our settling in and we felt very comfortable with them managing all the tenancy agreement (spending more than one hour talking to us to be sure about we understand everything fully), so we can focus on the new job and the kids.

When you move to a new country there is plenty of things to do, having someone who knows about all the little details and just let you know and help you with all the arrangements makes easy your arrival and you feel supported by.
We really recommend that company. The treat and support were amazing.
Thank you for make our arrival easy and comfortable.

David & Marta

German Airline Maintenance Manager UK

London Move From the Citrus Team


David and Marta were really concerned that they had insufficient time to make their London move and sort out a school place all in the space of three weeks. We at Citrus knew we could do it and had relocated many people faster. David and Marta achieved what they wanted with a quality home, utilities set up and child in school within 12 days. Want a London move of the type of relocation that David and Marta required then contact us now on 0203 303 3208 or complete our contact form now.

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